Know Your Dosha

According to Ayurveda, your basic constitution is determined at the time of conception. This constitution is called Prakriti. The body constitution of persons is named according to the predominance of Doshas. The dosas relating to the natural conditions of the body (Prakriti) get never enhanced, transformed or diminished except in the cases of moribund individuals. To maintain equilibrium of Doshas in body one has to follow dietary and regimen according to one’s constitution or Prakriti. For example:- A vata Prakriti man may require more of diets having Sweet, Sour and saline taste during winter, whereas for a Sama-prakriti (balanced doshas), diets having all the tastes specially sour and saline tastes are prescribed. Thus the proportion of Rasa (Taste) is to be determined according to the bodily constitution (Prakriti), season, and dietic property.

Benefits of knowing your Prakriti or Body type:

  • Personal analysis of Prakriti helps you know about your body and its requirements.
  • Knowing your Prakriti can help you maintain optimal health.
  • It will help you to maintain a good and balanced personal, family and professional life.
  • Helps you to plan your lifestyle according to the requirements of your body.
  • Prakriti analysis will help you plan a balanced diet.
  • This can help you to know how an imbalance is likely to occur in yourself.

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