Myths Busted

Myths Busted
December 8th, 2016, Dr.Ashutosh, 0 Comments

Drinking water before exercise –

1)      While exercising we sweat a lot (if we are doing intense workout) which needs to be supplemented by fluid like water.

For someone who is calorie cautious, plain water would be an idle choice as water does not have any calories in it and will replace the fluid which has gone out from the body in form of sweat.

2) Someone going for body building or endurance training would go for a protein shake or energy drink to improve stamina.

3) During exercise will sweating we feel drained out which can be taken care of by drinking adequate quantity of water

4) We can avoid cramps during exercise if we drink water it also helps in muscle and skin tone.


Eating Fatty food would make you fat?

Well not exactly first of all fat is required in the moderation as an essential nutrient, many of our hormones are made up of fatty acids or sterols. Fat is a good energy source and required to keep us warm in cold temperature. Apart from this fat from Nuts like almonds, walnut, pistachio, avocado will helps us to lose bad fat from our body as they are good source of unsaturated fats, Omega 3, Omega 6 which protects heart and essential for development of brain and eyes.

Excess of carbohydrates are converted into fat by liver to be used later as source of energy, so seemingly harmless potatoes, sugar in cold drinks and coffee would lead to fat or weight gain.


Being Cold Gives You a Cold 

Spending long durations in cold environment won’t lead to cold, it is your immune system fitness level which will decide the outcome. At times it is the temperature fluctuations which lead to allergies as we move from comfortable temperature of 25 degree centigrade to extreme chills or extreme hot environment. In fact continuous stay in cold temperature actually works up your immune system to fight viruses in a better manner.


You should never put oil on an oily skin

Oily skin is the one which has enlarged pores and excessive sebum coming out from sweat glands.

In fact there skin becomes dehydrated because of frequent cleansing giving it a parched look. Application of toners made from cucumber, rose, holy basil, or mint actually supplies essential oils which do not clog pores and provide required nourishment to skin surface. Few non comodogenic or non-blocking oils like Almond, Peach and Apricot are good to apply in night to stop the ageing process of skin.


Shaving makes hair grow thicker

Regular shaving does not make hair thicker or faster to grow.  Why hairs appear stiffer after shaving is the angle at which it is cut, this angle gets straighter according to number of blades used two, three or five. In males the hair of beard would be more thick and hard in comparison to scalp because of hormonal effect.